[TRAVELERS] How to contact the host ?

Send an e-mail to the host and arrange the date you want to come with him.

[TRAVELERS] How does Travel & Farm work ?

Travelers help local people with their daily work, usually 5 days a week 6 hours a day, in exchange of food and accommodation.

Check the working hours and other details with your host before you go there.

[TRAVELERS] Do I need a working VISA ?

No, you don’t need a working VISA, a visitor VISA is enough.

[TRAVELERS] Can I come with my friend, family or pet ?

It depends, check with the host beforehand if they have space and if they don’t mind.

[TRAVELERS] Do I need to pay to contact the host ?

No, you don’t need to pay to contact the host. We provide host information for free.

[TRAVELERS] Do I receive any payment for my help ?

No, it’s a volunteering job. Travelers help the host in return for food and accommodation.

[TRAVELERS] How do I go to the host place ?

Travelers are expected to go to the host place by themselves. However, they can make arrangements with the host to pick them up somewhere.

[TRAVELERS] Do I receive food during my days off ?

No, travelers are expected to eat by themselves during their days off.

[TRAVELERS] If I have some problem with the host, what should I do ?

Communication is the key. Try to talk to them to make the situation better.

If you cannot solve the problem, don’t forget it’s volunteering so you’re free to go to an other place if necessary, but inform the host of your early leave !

[HOST] How to become a host ?

You need to have a living place for volunteers and to provide them food. Host should be good-hearted and interesting in sharing their life and culture with travelers from all around the world. They should need help and be able to share their knowledge with the travelers.

[HOST] How long the travelers can help me ?

Maximum 5 days a week, 6 hours a day.

[HOST] If I have some problem with the traveler, what should I do ?

Try to communicate with them, maybe they also don’t feel good at your place.
Try to solve the problem in a positive way.
Don’t forget everyone wants to spend a good time and feel at ease at the place they live.
If no communication can be make, tell the traveler to find somewhere else to go.

[HOST] Should I give money the travelers for their help ?

No, they help you in exchange of food and accommodation..

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