Our mission is to promote exchange between local Taiwanese people and travelers from all around the world.

We want to help travelers to experience an other way of traveling by living with local people. 
We want to promote cultural exchange. We hope it can provide the travelers a deeper traveling experience.
Participating to our project travelers can have the opportunity to learn new skills in different fields, such as farming skills. 

In exchange for their help, travelers receive food and accommodation from the host.
The host is expected to provide the travelers a good environment to live and to share their experience and skills to the travelers. 

Our project is to help travelers to travel easily around Taiwan providing them list of hosts who need help.
Farmers can use this way to get help and develop their international exchange, making their products famous all around world.

We believe that we can build a better society if everyone can share a bit of their knowledge and happiness.
We believe that a positive attitude and thinking is the key.

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